DUBAL Water Filling Stations...a success story

Dubal, A world leader in producing aluminum, with state of the Art facilities and Top Notch management, located in the middle of new pearl of the middle east Dubai. Not Only does Dubal produce Aluminum, but also other products, and one by product, is fresh water. Being the leader, renowned for efficiency, Dubal makes use of this vital product, most important for humanity, it uses it and export it to the local market.
Tucks from all over the emirate, and from other emirates, visit DUBAL as a convenient solution to fuel their fresh water trucks, with water. Every Day hundreds of trucks line up on an organized queue to collect their sum of water.
Dubal needed to know as part of an overall plan of management, how much water is being sold, to whom, and how frequent, among other very very important data. For this Dubal constructed on top of the Water Filling Stations, a state of the art control room, and assigned Compass to deliver a SCADA State of the Art system to collect all vital data and provide a real time graphical representation of the Water Filling Station Process.

For this Compass Control Systems surveyed the Water Filling Station, and delivered the system needed, not only monitoring.
The System comprised of PLC-Based solution and on top of it a human machine interface in the form of Personal Computers, with High Resolution Screens, which allowed the operators, convenient as it is, precisely, to know how much each tanker was filled with water.


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